Testimony: When the food is good for the body and soul

Cino en Vino is hands down our favorite restaurant. My husband and I love Italian food and we both enjoy a good bottle of wine to cap off our day. We also think that Italian cuisine is perfect for all occasions – celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or simply going for our happy food to comfort us when we are stressed out. We also eat here when we buy houses southern california. We love all the dishes in Cibo en Vino but their Italian Tomato Chicken, Italian Sirloin Steak, Tuscan Salami Pizza, Rocket and Parmesan, Spinach and Cheese Ravioli, and Italian Meatballs are our ultimate favorite in their menu. Of course dining at Cino en Vino will not be complete if we do not pair our meals with our favorite wines – Castelo di Monsnato Chianti, Folonari Pinot Grigio, and Corolla Nero d’ Avola. Just thinking about their food and wine now makes my mouth water.

Dining at Cibo en Vino has also made me realize that there are many benefits of eating together. Aside from the fact that the food seems to taste so much better when shared with your loved ones, eating meals together gives us the opportunity to really connect with each other. Aside from sharing the love for Italian food, we get to sit down and talk about how our day went. We also talk about our plans and dreams. It is the togetherness that builds the foundation of our relationship. We find comfort not just in the food that we eat but also in each other’s company. This increased connection that we feel whenever we share a meal together is supported by research findings. Studies also show that eating together makes people eat better and healthier. We look out for each other about what we eat but of course, there are times that we allow each other to indulge in our not so healthy cravings once in a while. When we eat healthier foods, we also have healthier bodies. They say that drinking wine is good for the body because it contains antioxidants, boosts the immune system, increases bone density, reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease, lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes and cancer, improves cognitive function, and promotes longevity. Now those are more than good enough reasons for us to pour a glass of wine, right? Eating together is good for our overall wellbeing. This simple shared activity engages the mind and spirit, our feelings and body. We look forward to eating together, we release emotions, we share our problems, we look for solutions, we learn from each other, we celebrate happy moments, we create loving memories. It improves our quality of life. 


I love that Cibo en Vino accepts reservations for large parties and even does catering for special events. This way. We are able to share our love for authentic Italian food and the dishes that we enjoy in this restaurant with our families and friends. 

Fancy a night of good food and wine?

Head off to our latest restaurant concept in Peoria. Here you can relax and unwind with your loved ones and good friends with a bottle of the best wine and plates of simply amazing food.

Cibo e Vino has been established, amidst the wonderful community to offer you an amazing place to take your loved one for a date night, your family for a night out, your parents for an anniversary dinner, your friends for a birthday treat and so on. We know that the little things make a big difference whether that is preparing a delicious meal or just the peace of mind knowing that your local Tempe garage door service will be coming around later in the day.

We specialize in the following:

  • Hearty Italian Food

We bring the best Italian food favorites in Peoria. We have all different pasta dishes, choose from creamy carbonara to tangy tomato, aglio olio, seafood pasta and so on. All of our pasta dishes are made with love and with only the best ingredients. They were cooked using our family’s Italian recipes which have been handed from one generation to the next. We also offer different varieties of Italian rice dishes, including risotto. Our pizzas are also to-die for, especially our margherita pizza. We also have great Italian desserts, creamy gelato and wonderful Italian coffee. Definitely, the best of Italy is here.

  • Great wine

Cibo e Vino offers all the best Italian wines from the diverse Italian vineyards. We have wine that comes from the vineyards of Tuscany with different palate profiles such as plum, cherries and dark fruits, with a hint of chocolate. We also have aromatic wines; good bottles of bubbly and citrusy Prosecco; fresh and aromatic sparklers from the Italian Piedmont region, oak-spiced wines, rich reds and amazing whites, rose, and so much more. Whatever you prefer, we are sure to have it, at the best price points. We will also be happy to provide recommendations on the types of wines that go best with the food that you like. Cibo e Vino is simple the best place to arouse your senses and tickle your food and wine palates.

  • Amazing restaurant ambiance

We at Cibo e Vino are very proud of our restaurant ambiance. We know how important it is to enjoy good food and even better wine at only the best place. As such, we have endeavored to bring you only the very best environment so that you can definitely enjoy your life’s special moments with us.

Cibo e vino is also known for our wonderful service. When you dine with us, expect that you will be treated with only the utmost courtesy from all of our staff. We specialize in providing simply the best and most amazing customer experience. This is the reason why we are well known in the Peoria area, including neighboring towns and cities. As such, when you want only the very best night of your life or if you would like your most special moments to be treasured forever, simply come to us. Cibo e Vino will make sure that you will always have the best nights of your life.