About Us

Cibo e Vino AZ is a newly opened restaurant concept in Peoria, AZ. Our goal is to provide only the very best food and wines to the people of Peoria.

In terms of our food, we offer only the freshest ingredients and organic products, sourced from ethical farms in the Arizona area and nearby states. Some of our ingredients even come from Italy, in a bid to ensure the authenticity of our food. We strictly follow closely guarded Italian recipes that has been in our family for generations and are proven in terms of taste and delicious goodness.

Our wines have been imported directly from Italy, with the goal of introducing you to the very best Italian wines. Italy is known for exporting only high quality wines that are in demand by wine connoisseurs. We carry wines such as the Luce Della Vite Lucente, the Castello di Monsnato Chianti, the Frescobaldi Castiglioni Chianti, Damilano Barolo Cannubi, the Folonari Pinot Grigio, among others. In terms of price point, we only offer the most cost-efficient prices so that you can enjoy our bouquets of wines. Choose any wine that you like and we guarantee that you will love it.

Cibo e Vino is the only Italian restaurant and winery in Peoria that provides the very best restaurant ambiance. That is why we come strongly recommended by all of our guests. If you want to wow your own clients, bring them to us, as we specialize in providing a great environment for your business dinners or your night out with your loved ones and family.

Cibo e Vino AZ, your only choice when it comes to luxury and fine dining. With us, you will always have the most memorable experiences. See you soon at Cibo e Vino AZ.