Marco di Ghia

The first time I went to Cibo e Vino AZ, I was immediately transported to my childhood with their great Italian fare. The food reminded me of my Nonna and my carefree childhood days in Italy. Magnifico!

Spencer F., 26

Cibo e Vino serves great food and great wine. My first date with a girlfriend, who is now my wife, was in Cibo e Vino in New York. Now that we are married and starting our own family, I am glad that we can revisit that experience, this time in Peoria.

Rita M., 30

I love Cibo e Vino. I have gone there with my girls and we had a really great time. The food was great, the wine selection incredible. But what really made the experience special was the beautiful restaurant. The ambiance provides a very cozy feel and the well placed tables and lighting gives that much needed privacy. Bravo!

Elaine L., 35

I went to Cibo e Vino with my family. I have two kids, one is 5 years old and the youngest just turned 2 years old. I love how they took care of my kids, plating their food in such an interesting manner for them to enjoy. They also gave my kids specials pens and an activity book. Truly a great experience for all of us. We will definitely go back.

Mark C. 65

We celebrated my wife’s 60th birthday party at Cibo e Vino. I am so happy with how it turned out. The event styling, the great food and the overall experience were outstanding. I commend Cibo e Vino for being very professional in their handling of the event. It meant so much to my wife and my family. We will definitely recommend Cibo e Vino to all of our friends.